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Remote Learning

September 2020


All the children have returned to full-time education in September 2020 following the closure due to the coronavirus pandemic. We hope that for the majority of the children this will be an uninterrupted experience. However, there is the possibility that individual children, a class bubble, or the whole school, will need to self-isolate or the school will be part of a local lockdown, for a period of time. Therefore, the school has put in place a plan for remote learning, following the DfE guidance for ‘Remote Education Support’ and using support from Hampshire local authority to enable children to continue with their education.


We have taken into account your responses from our remote learning survey and therefore the work will be a mixture of online learning alongside written work. The online learning will consist of some online teaching clips from sites such as Oak National Academy, BBC Bitesize


In the unfortunate event of a whole class or school having to self-isolate, it may be difficult for us to hand deliver work because staff will also have to self-isolate, (although it may be possible for you to collect the work from school). In this scenario, the work will be posted online – either on the school website or through Google Classrooms, which we are in the process of setting up.


There is the expectation that this work will be completed and will need to be returned to school so that the teacher can provide feedback. The work can be returned via Google Classrooms or dropped back at school by yourselves (providing you are not self-isolating).


We appreciate that some families will struggle to access the online learning materials, if this is the case please contact the school.