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Late/Absence Procedures


Should your child be taken ill at school, you will be contacted and asked to come and collect him or her. If we are unable to contact you, and it is felt that the situation warrants it, we will contact your emergency contact. We do not have a medical room or medical staff to look after sick children. If you have any doubts concerning your child's health before school starts in the morning please do not bring your child into school. It is better to bring your child in for the afternoon session if he or she feels better at that time.



In the event of your child having an accident at school that requires medical attention we will contact you or your emergency contact number immediately (you will not be contacted about minor cuts and grazes which can be dealt with by the school). If we cannot contact you, your child will be taken to hospital by a representative of the school acting in loco parentis.



If, in exceptional circumstances, it is necessary for children to take medicine (prescribed medicines only) during school time, the following procedure applies:

  • Please tell the class teacher and then give the medicine to the School Office where you will be asked to fill in a form and sign it. The medicine will be stored within a secure container in either the School Office or the staff room fridge.

  • If the Admin Officer is absent from the School Office when you go there, another member of staff will be happy to provide you with a form. Whilst every effort will be made to make sure a child gets his/her medicine, we cannot accept responsibility if it is forgotten. Older children should be able to remember to ask for it.

  • If you are at all anxious that it will be forgotten, you are welcome to come into school and administer the medicine yourself.


Prescribed medicines will be given to children at school only under the following criteria:

  • The medicine must be clearly labelled with:-
    a). the child's name
    b). the name of the medicine
    c). the dosage required
    d). when the dose is to be taken

  • It is the parents responsibility to collect the medicine at the end of the school day from the School Office.